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If you owe at least £5,000 of debt to your creditors and cannot afford to repay all of your debt, Trust Deed is the perfect solution for you.

You can enter into such arrangement by involving the services of an Insolvency Practitioner (IP) who will formulate a repayment schedule, keeping in view your monthly income, taxes, utilities and bills. You can pay off all of your unsecured debt like those of Credit Cards, Shortfalls, and Personal Loans etc. through the Trust Deed

You are eligible for a Trust deed if you

  • Owe at least £5,000 of unsecured debt to your creditors
  • are a resident of Scotland
  • Cannot repay all of your current debt
  • Have a steady monthly income and can repay some part of your debt to your creditors

We will help to manage your financial stress by assessing your income and expenditures, to come up with a viable solution for repayment of debt, within a term of 48 months. This arrangement allows you to protect your other assets, as this is the best alternative to Bankruptcy. Your debt will be frozen during your protected Trust Deed term, which ensures hassle-free repayment. At the end of your term of 48 months, all of your unpaid debt will be legally written off.

You can opt for this legal arrangement and get rid of all your debt related worries as the Trustee shall ensure the timely repayment of your debt and act as a bridge between you and your creditors, giving you time to enjoy your life without worrying about debt.